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March 8, 2013 / Tancake

Beasts of Fable

 Beasts of Fable

Defeat the Elite Battle Pets of the Pandaren fables.


The creatures of fable will exist in this land, always. Do you wish to meet them in battle once more?

Well, i know i did, so i got onto that today. Its been a good month or so since i’ve pet battled (curse work!), so it was nice to have something new to get back into it with.

Beasts of Fable is quest, that will open up a pet daily ” Beasts of Fable”, which means more pet goody bags :D!  The Red Panda is the reward for finishing this quest. And the  Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies (from the daily)may also contain one of the other pandas you can collect.

There are 10  pets to battle to finish the quest, and you get to use 3 of yours, versus the one legendary pet. **I’ve found myself throwing the odd pet under 25 into my lineup, so it can get itself some xp.**

The pets themselves are always in the same spots, they don’t despawn, or respawn so fast you don’t notice, they also cannot be killed or captured. They are purely for battling. So no waiting/hunting them, which is great news. Though it is a shame some of them can’t be captured, some of them are pretty cool ^_^

There are 10 Pets/Battles in total-

Location: Jade Forest

Ka’wi the Gorger (Critter)  – Location: (48,71) Health: 4207 Abilities: ChewMoth BallsSuper Sticky Goo

Nitun (Critter) – Location: (56,29) Health: 4066 Abilities: RakeProwlRavage


Location: Valley of the Four Winds
Lucky Yi (Beast) – Location: (39,44) Health: 4129 Abilities: Perk UpQuick AttackUncanny Luck

Lucky Yi

Greyhoof (Beast) – Location: (25,78) Health: 4207 Abilities: HoofRoarTrample


Location: Krasarang Wilds
Skitterer Xi’a (Aquatic) – Location: (36,37) Health: 4066 Abilities: FlurrySkitterWater Jet


Location: Kun-Lai Summit
Kafi (Beast) – Location: (35,56) Health: 4129 Abilities: GnawHeadbuttLeap

Dos’Ryga (Aquatic) – Location: (67,84) Health: 4207 Abilities: Frost BreathHealing WaveWhirlpool


Location: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
No-No (Aquatic) – Location: (11,70) Health: 4144 Abilities: Tail SlapDiveBeaver Dam


Location: Townlong Steppes
Ti’un the Wanderer (Aquatic) – Location: (72,79) Health: 4378 Abilities: PumpShell ShieldTidal Wave

Ti'un (2)

Location: Dread Wastes
Gorespine (Beast) – Location: (26,50) Health: 4066 Abilities: Spiked SkinScratchRip


I have to mention my Cenarion Hatchling was great against the Aquatic pets. The Kun-Lai Runt did really well against the Critters. Though none of the battles where particularly hard when countered with the right species. Though that wasn’t always necessary.

To anyone out there doing them, have fun!! ❤


And lastly, an extra shot of No-No as i found her, chilling under her parasol with her buddies ^_^

No-No chilling


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