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November 30, 2012 / Tancake

Pandaren Spirit Tamer

So with the patch on Tuesday, came a ton more battle pets. Some of them i’ve managed to collect. The Fluxfire Feline,  Cogblade Raptor and Pandaren Fire Spirit. Some i’ve come across, the quality has been bad,  i’ve battled them and not bothered capturing them. I also got my Safari Hat in the mail, though in all honesty i was expecting a red and white baseball cap, bit of a shame it wasn’t but still very cool, and it gives a 10% exp boost to pets when battling.

I love my Pandaren Fire Spirit, but it wasn’t the easiest pet to obtain, those trainers are tough. I wasn’t expecting Legendary pets, i dont know what i was expecting in all honesty. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, that i can say for sure.

So for anyone out there who wants themselves a Pandaren Spirit, you have to do the quest Pandaren Spirit Tamer. The aim of the quest = Defeat all of the Pandaren Spirits in a pet battle. 4 pet trainers, 12 legendary pets to battle.

spirit tamer


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Pandaren Air Spirit Pandaren Earth Spirit
Pandaren Fire Spirit Pandaren Water Spirit

The first attempt at the trainer with the Thundering Pandaren Spirit was terrible, i really wasn’t prepared at all, i thought i could breeze through it. I was wrong, this guy and all the rest, were going to be tough.

After a bit of research, seeing what pets other people had used, checking what pets i had. I was ready to try again. Once i put a bit of thought into my team setup, it was alot easier. The right team goes along way to a smooth ride. I will say don’t be afraid to surrender if you’re not matched to counter the opponents first pick. I think i spent more time surrendering until the pet i could counter with my first pet, was put out. You really don’t want to waste time swapping pets mid battle, you lose hits on the enemy team, and you’re likely to get destroyed.

So for any of you that are going to do this, and are struggling a little on your team setup, here’s what i used for each battle. My Rapana Whelk was a star! Took down all 4 elementals. Admittedly he does only have one move thats good against elementals, his dive ability. But using that on CD, along with his shield to reduce the hits, worked.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit – Jade Forest

Dragonkin – Use Humanoid – Peddlefeet

Critter – Use Beast – Stunted Shardhorn

Elemental – Use Aquatic – Rapana Whelk

Thundering Pandaren Spirit – Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Elemental – Use Aquatic – Rapana Whelk

Critter – Use Beast – Stunted Shardhorn

Beast – Usually Mechanical – Wild Jade Hatchling  – I tried to counter with Mechanical, but in all honesty, while he did hit hard, he got 3 shot.

Burning Pandaren Spirit – Townlong Steppes

Dragonkin – Use Humanoid – Peddlefeet

Elemental – Use Aquatic – Rapana Whelk

Flying – Use Magic – Oily Slimeling

Flowing Pandaren Spirit – Dread Wastes

Aquatic – Use Flying – Effervescent Glowfly

Critter – Use Beast – Stunted Shardhorn

Elemental – Use Aquatic – Rapana Whelk

I still use this setup for the Spirit Trainer daily’s. I dont win the fight straight off every time, i have to surrender some times. Other times i  get lucky and finish the match after only using 2 pets. So my choices are very viable, but other people may prefer a different type of Aquatic pet, while some may chose different Humanoids over Peddlefeet. Its what works for you.

13th December – I’ve been using my Kun-Lai Runt instead of Peddlefeet, and my Fluxfire Feline instead of my Stunted Shardhorn. With Supercharge and either Claw or Pounce, you can 1 shot most critters (ofcourse you could be really unlucky and miss 😦 )  He’s also nice instead of the Wild Jade Hatchling against the Thundering Pandaren Spirit Trainer’s beast.

Yet even now, i have some day’s where i may only use 1-2 pets for the entire battle. And other day’s where it takes me attempt after attempt to beat them. Some days are luckier than others for hits, crits, dodges and misses.

air spirit
earth spirit

fire spirit

water spirit

Good luck to any of you out there going for this , and happy pet battling! ❤


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  1. Therogue / Nov 30 2012 20:38

    Grats! Now just them raid ones!

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