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September 24, 2013 / Tancake

Celestial Tourney!

Well, i managed to complete it a couple of days ago ūüėÄ Sooooooo happpy!

I’ll update this post at the weekend with my lineups and some screenshots …..

To be continued ūüėÄ

September 12, 2013 / Tancake

Pet related nerd points,shiny new pets! ^_^ Oh, and some other news when it comes to 5.4

5.4 hit servers this week, and there’s alot of new and exciting things going on.

We have New World Bosses РOrdos and the August Celestials. Ordos can be found on The Timeless Isle. But to access him you will need the legendary cloak on atleast one of your toons.  He drops item level 559 gear, and is apparantly the more challenging of the world bosses.

The August Celestials can be found in the Celestial Court in the middle of Timeless Isle, all 4 can be killed weekly, but you will only receive loot from the first one. All 4 share the same loot table, with 522 PvP gear being dropped, and 553 for the PvE items.

The new raid Siege of Orgrimmar is well underway. With players battling there way towards Garrosh Hellscream.


  • Immerseus¬†‚Äď The ancient inhabitants of Pandaria recognized the vital importance of the lifegiving Pools of Power, building an underground system of aqueducts to safeguard the waters and nurture life in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The touch of corruption has animated and twisted these waters, and Immerseus stands as an unnatural embodiment of the Vale’s sorrow.
  • The Fallen Protectors¬†‚Äď The Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan guardians of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms were caught in the epicenter of the devastating blast that scarred the Vale, and torn apart by the dark energies. Their spirits linger in the place they once protected, confused and tormented by their failure.
  • Norushen¬†‚Äď Some say that the mogu race was created in the image of this titanic construct, left deep beneath Pandaria to watch over and guard the continent’s darkest and most dangerous secret.
  • Sha of Pride¬†‚Äď The seventh sha, the Sha of Pride, was the final burden to which Emperor Shaohao clung, shrouding the land in mist and biding its time for millennia. When Garrosh awakened the Heart of Y’Shaarj, the force of his arrogance caused this dark energy to coalesce in the chamber where the Heart was unearthed.
  • Galakras¬†‚Äď Warlord Zaela formed a close bond with Garrosh during events in the Twilight Highlands, and she and her Dragonmaw orcs have pledged loyalty to Garrosh’s cause. Riding atop the fearsome Galakras, a direct descendant of the cataclysmic progenitor of all dragonkind, Zaela oversees the naval defense of Orgrimmar.
  • Galakras¬†‚Äď Warlord Zaela formed a close bond with Garrosh during events in the Twilight Highlands, and she and her Dragonmaw orcs have pledged loyalty to Garrosh’s cause. Riding atop the fearsome Galakras, a direct descendant of the cataclysmic progenitor of all dragonkind, Zaela oversees the naval defense of Orgrimmar.
  • Iron Juggernaut¬†‚Äď This mechanical terror, designed nearly as much for intimidation as destruction, is the centerpiece of Garrosh’s siege weaponry. Crafted in the image of the mighty Kor’kron war scorpion, the Iron Juggernaut guards the gates of Orgrimmar, crushing any who would rise up to challenge Garrosh’s True Horde.
  • Kor’kron Dark Shaman¬†‚Äď Haromm and Kardris trained thousands of shaman to whisper reverently to the elements to requisition their aid. The army of Garrosh, however, does not ask – they take what they desire in the name of the True Horde. Dark Shamanism forces the elements into servitude, twisting them into burned-out ash, corrupted waters, and toxic air.
  • General Nazgrim¬†‚Äď Once a grunt in service of the former warchief, Thrall, General Nazgrim rose quickly through the ranks after overwhelming victories in Grizzly Hills and the sunken city of Vashj’ir. Fiercely loyal to the Horde and bound by a rigorous code of honor and duty, Nazgrim will hold the line for his warchief until his dying breath.
  • Malkorok¬†‚Äď Malkorok has been Garrosh’s most loyal and trusted lieutenant throughout the Pandaria campaign. When the Warchief needed a volunteer to infuse with the power of Y’Shaarj, it was only natural that Malkorok would offer without hesitation.
  • Spoils of Pandaria¬†‚Äď When Garrosh gazed across Pandaria, he saw untapped power. During the course of his campaign, Garrosh has plundered weapons, treasures, and artifacts of the pandaren, the mogu, and the mantid. They are kept in a warehouse deep within his underground base, guarded by a mysterious security system that appears to be of Titan origins.
  • Thok the Bloodthirsty¬†‚Äď When the Isle of Giants was discovered off the coast of Pandaria, teeming with primal devilsaurs, Garrosh sent men to capture some of the most fearsome specimens, hoping to subjugate them and use them as beasts of war. Countless orcish beastmasters have fallen to Thok’s jaws as they struggle to tame him, yet the creature’s thirst for blood remains unslaked.
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse¬†‚Äď Helix Blackfuse was the only goblin with the combination of engineering prowess, professionalism, and ruthlessness to satisfy Garrosh in his search for the engineer of the True Horde. A mercenary at heart, Blackfuse’s love for his creations (and the gold they fetch) has forever linked his fate with that of his patron and Warchief.
  • Paragons of the Klaxxi¬†‚Äď The nine surviving Klaxxi’va Paragons are ancient champions of the mantid who fought alongside the Wakener against the madness of Empress Shek’zeer. But the paragons, as do all mantid, hold a far deeper loyalty. When Garrosh unearthed the heart of Y’Shaarj, the paragons followed the whispers of their ancient master to the iron halls beneath Orgrimmar.
  • Garrosh Hellscream¬†‚Äď Garrosh, son of Grommash Hellscream, first learned of his father’s heroism when Thrall encountered the young orc in Outland. The seeds of pride were planted. Garrosh spearheaded Horde victories in Northrend and, as Warchief, consolidated Horde power amidst the chaos of the Cataclysm. But his visions of orc supremacy by any means have brought the armies of the world crashing down upon Orgrimmar… a final reckoning that Garrosh himself awaits with brutal relish.

 Flexible Raid Difficulty

  • This is a new raid difficulty designed for pre-made groups of 10 to 25 players or any number in between. This means it’s possible to have raids of 15 or 22 players! Difficulty will adjust automatically based on the number of players present with encounters intended to provide a challenge roughly between Raid Finder and Normal difficulty.
  • Flexible Raid difficulty requires a pre-made group to join but has no minimum item level requirements or role restrictions. Both¬†BattleTag‚ĄĘ¬†and¬†Real ID¬†friends are eligible to participate.
  • Loot quality will be between Raid Finder and Normal difficulty and awarded through a personal loot system (similar to Raid Finder). Bonus rolls and loot specialization will also be supported.
  • Player spells with different target limits depending on raid size will gradually increase their limits based on the number of players in Flexible Raid difficulty.
  • Players will be able to earn raid achievements just like in Normal or Heroic difficulty.
  • Flexible Raid difficulty has a lockout that is separate from Raid Finder and Normal difficulty.

Proving Grounds

  • Proving Grounds is a new feature where level 90 players can test their mettle and undertake trials designed for Damage, Tank, or Healer roles to test and improve their combat skills in a safe, controlled environment.
  • To access the Proving Grounds, speak with¬†an NPC in the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit or a class trainer.
  • Each trial is available in four separate difficulties: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless. Harder difficulties include more difficult and varied enemies.
  • Endless mode allows you to test your mettle against increasingly difficult enemies. Compare your best scores to friends and guildmates!

New Feature: Connected Realms

  • Connected Realm is a set of two or more standard realms that have been permanently and seamlessly ‚Äúlinked.‚ÄĚ Players on the same Connected Realm will be able to trade, send and receive mail, join the same guilds, access a single Auction House, run the same Raids and Dungeons, and join other adventurers to complete quests.
  • To make Connected Realm feel seamless, player‚Äôs home realms won’t be indicated in the game world. In certain places, such as chat, the players’ home realms will be displayed next to their name.

I could go on and on about all the things that have ¬†been added or changed, but i wont. I’ve wasted far too much time already with all that, so its down to the more important issues. New pets, and pet related achievements.

There really is some nice looking pets released with this patch. And its so nice to see some more achievements added.

We have 4 raid pets that come from¬†Siege of Orgrimmar¬†. ¬†Sha of Pride¬†(the fourth boss in Siege) drops¬†Gooey Sha-ling¬†on LFR and Flexible raid difficulties. ¬†It also drops¬†Droplet of Y’Shaarj¬†on Flexible, Normal and Heroic difficulties. ¬†Siegecrafter Blackfuse¬†(the twelfth boss in Siege) drops ¬†Blackfuse Bombling¬†on all difficulties. ¬†The Klaxxi Paragons¬†(the thirteenth encounter) can drop¬†Kovok¬†on all difficulties.

all 4

Blacfuse Bombling – Droplet of Y’Shaarj – Gooey Sha-ling – Kovok

The¬†Timeless Isle¬†brings us 3 wild pets. ¬†We have the¬†Ashwing Moths, which are found all over the isle. Generally in the area’s the others are not found. There are the¬†Flamering Moths , who are often found in Ordon – controlled areas. ¬†And then there’s the¬†Skywisp Moths , they are found on the highest cliffs and pillars on the isle. They are unreachable by normal means. You need to use a friendly¬†Highwind Albatross¬†or a¬†Golden Glider.

all 3

Ashwing Moth – Flamering Moth – Skywisp Moth

We have some Timeless Isle vendor pets. For these you need to be completing the weekly Celestial Tournament , which will earn you the  Celestial Coin .

Its 3 coins for one pet, 4 of them can be purchased from¬†Master Li¬†the tournament host . There are seven pets in total ^_^¬†Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji,¬†Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen,¬†Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon, and¬†Zao, Calfling of Niuzao

And 3 take a little more effort.

Harmonious Porcupette requires Revered status with Emperor Shaohao and can be purchased for 7500 x Timeless Coin fromMistweaver Ku. Vengeful Porcupette can be purchased for 100 x Bloody Coin from Speaker Gulan. Sky Lantern can be purchased for 7500 x Timeless Coin from Ku-Mo.

7 pets

Chi-Chi Hatchling – Harmonious Porcupette – Sky Lantern – ¬†Vengeful Porcupette – Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen – Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon – Zao, Calfling of ¬†Niuzao

We have some Timeless Isle Rare spawn pets. There are 9 total, quite a decent amount.

rare spawns

Ashleaf Spriteling – Dandelion Frolicker – Death Adder Hatchling – Gu’chi Swarmling – Gulp Froglet – Jadefire Spirit – Ruby Droplet – Skunky Alemental – Spineclaw Crab

There are 4 other Timeless Isle pets to collect.
Azure Crane Chick¬†drops ¬†from¬†Crane Nests¬†in the forested areas of the Timeless Isle.¬†Bonkers¬†drops from Timeless Chests, locked chests that must be opened with¬†Kukuru’s Cache Key, which can be purchased for 500 x¬†Timeless Coineach from¬†Master Kukuru.¬†Ominous Flame¬†and¬†Jademist Dancer¬†are rare drops from the normal elite mobs¬†Foreboding Flame¬†and¬†Jademist Dancer.

other ti pets

Azure Crane Chick – Bonkers – Jademist Dancer – Ominous Flame

And then we have 6 final pets. 3 are from¬†Engineering¬†, and all 3 are pretty cute. My favorite is the¬†Rascal-Bot. ¬†Pierre¬†and¬†Rascal-Bot¬†are created by Engineers. Recipes for these are learned from¬†Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal.

Lil’ Bling¬†is a new potential reward from the¬†Blingtron 4000 Gift Package. So good luck with him!




Lastly on the new pet front, our final 3 are  Moon Moon who is a rare drop from the new Darkmoon Faire world boss, Moonfang. Macabre Marionette was always a temporary, non-learnable pet that disappeared once its holiday ended. Now in Patch 5.4, everyone can get their favorite musical dancing skeleton during Day of the Dead! Rotten Little Helper is a new pet from the Feast of Winter Veil.

I was REALLY pleased to see some new pet achievements in the mix. I admittedly haven’ quite finished all mine as it is, but i’m not too far off.¬†Celestial Family¬†is the first. ¬†(Depending how much of a challenge this achievement is, i may write a guide for it. If its cake walk i may not bother)

Criteria – Collect all of of the celestial pets.

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon

Crazy for Cats¬†– i like the sound of this! I’d happily be a crazy cat lady ūüėÄ ¬†You have to obtain all the cats listed.


The majority of these cats can be obtained via trading, and 7 can be purchased from vendors for 40s – 50g.

Can Trade:

Alliance: Donni Anthania, Elwynn Forest 44.2, 53.2:
1. Bombay Cat Also available on the BMAH
2. Cornish Rex Cat
3. Orange Tabby Cat
4. Silver Tabby Cat

Alliance: Lil Timmy, Stormwind City:
5. White Kitten

Neutral: Dealer Rashaad, Netherstorm 43.4, 35.2:
6. Siamese Cat Also available on the BMAH

Neutral: Breanni, Dalaran 58.6, 39.6:
7. Calico Cat

Neutral: Michelle De Rum, Winterspring 59.8, 51.6:
8. Winterspring Cub

World Event:¬†Darkmoon Faire¬†–¬†Lhara, Darkmoon Island 48.6, 69.8:
9. Darkmoon Cub

World Event:¬†Hallow’s End¬†–¬†Dorothy, Elwynn Forest |¬†Chub, Undercity:
10. Feline Familiar

Profession: Jewelcrafting
11. Sapphire Cub

12. Nightsaber Cub
13. Spectral Tiger Cub

World Drop:
14. Black Tabby Cat Also available on the BMAH

Blizzard Pet Store:
15. Guardian Cub

Cannot Trade:

Tournament of Celestials: Master Li, Timeless Isle 34.7, 59.7:
16. Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

Pet Battles:
17. Cat: Arathi Highlands, Elwynn Forest, Eversong Woods, Netherstorm, Silvermoon City
18. Cheetah Cub: Northern Barrens
19. Fluxfire Feline: Gnomeregan, New Tinkertown, Dun Morogh
20. Sand Kitten: Tanaris
21. Snow Cub: Dun Morogh

Achievement: Raiding With Leashes*
22. Mr. Bigglesworth
*All pets for the achievement criteria can be traded, however Mr Bigglesworth cannot be traded.

Quest: Some Good WIll Come (Alliance | Horde)
23. Panther Cub

Blizzard Pet Store:
24. Cinder Kitten

Promotion: World Championship Shanghai 2012
25. Spectral Cub

The Celestial Tournament

Complete the Celestial Tournament scenario.
The Celestial Tournament is located on Timeless Isle.  To enter the tournament you are required to have at least 15 level 25 pets, or you cant compete. 
Defeat all the trainers listed below from the Celestial Tournament.
  • ¬†
  • ¬†
Chen Stormstout
  • ¬†
Shademaster Kiryn
  • ¬†
Taran Zhu
  • ¬†
Ragnar Thunderbrew
  • ¬†
Bryan Cross

Its really nice to see Blizzard have added quite a lot to keep those avid pet battlers busy. ¬†I know i’m a happy bunny with all the new additions. I just need to find some time between work, the kids, and sleeping to get some of this done! But i’ll get there ^_^ And on that note, i better get started. I have the day off work, and i think I’ve been doing this for over the last hour. So its time to log into WoW and begin my adventures!

Happy pet battling guys <33

August 29, 2013 / Tancake

An overdue achievement! And an Unborn Val’kyr!

I’ve had quite a good day today when it comes to WoW.

My guild and myself managed to get¬†Heroic: Council of Elders¬†down today, putting us 9/13 heroic which is quite nice. If not a little overdue. With the loss of a tank some time back, and a healer, both due to real life issues ūüė¶ Our progression completely stopped. We were struggling some weeks to kill farm bosses. Our shadow priest ended up healing full time (and still does :O) , which he isn’t his favorite role. It wasn’t a very enjoyable time, raiding wise. But recently we have found a new tank! And we’ve managed to push some progression again recently i’m pleased to say.

We always struggle a little when we lose players. Being a daytime raiding guild on US servers, narrows our player base down quite a lot. But anyway, things seem to be good right now ūüėÄ

And on another topic, pet battles! I managed to get some done tonight.

The¬†Minfernal¬†is a pet i’ve been hunting for quite some time now. Though in all honesty, i haven’t put much time into camping and capturing him. When summer hit, all i had left for the World Safari¬†achievement, was the¬†Minfernal¬†and the¬†Qiraji Guardling¬†. Pretty lazy i know ūüė°

world saf

I hopped on my priest and decided to park her in Felwood¬†, because lets be honest here, this achievement was long overdue. ¬†I took a circle round the area, saw the green paw print on my map and just presumed it would be yet another¬†Tainted Rat¬†, which is always exciting to see o.O But it wasn’t, there he was, the only¬†Minfernal¬†in the area. And he was mine! ūüėÄ

He was common quality, but i at least had Polished Battle-Stone i was able to use on him , not as good as Flawless Elemental Battle-Stone , but  we cant have everything.

Along with him, i managed to pick up a  Flawless Humanoid Battle-Stone and upgraded my Qiraji Guardling .

I then paid a visit to ¬†Northrend and found myself an¬†Unborn Val’kyr¬†pretty quickly¬†. He is only common quality, but i’m getting him to level 25 as fast as i can.¬†I’ve faced so many of these pets in battle, its about time i had one of my own to play with.¬†I’ll pick up a battle stone for him at some point i’m sure. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

unborn valk


So all in all, quite a productive day. :D!

August 25, 2013 / Tancake

It’s been quite some time :-(

What with work, life, being sick for a little while. A short visit to Ireland to see a very good rogue friend of mine ‚̧ decorating practically all my house! I haven’t had allot of time for anything other than raiding.

I’ve done no serious pet battling for a month +, which makes me a sad pet tamer ūüė¶

So its a little late here (2.54 am ; yes Rogue i know i should be tucked up in bed asleep :x), and admittedly i should be sleeping, but i decided to try and find the¬†Unborn Val’kyr¬†, getting some PvP battles done at the same time.

In the process i picked up my Vengeful Pet Brawler achievement!


No sign of the¬†Unborn Val’kyr¬†yet sadly ūüė¶

In other news, i just upgraded my PC! Its a new build, that i put together myself. First time with a new build, but i had a very good instructor! ‚̧

009 011 010

It’s no longer on the floor, i did finish putting my new desk together. And AWMAGAWD! the keyboard is so pink and pretty ūüėÄ

Anyway, back to flying around Northrend looking for this pet.


June 30, 2013 / Tancake

I like it! I think >_>

I ‘think‘ i’ve finally found the sword i want to use for my holy transmog set! ūüėÄ I’ve tried a couple, admittedly i don’t have many, i seem to have always ended up with a mace in the past.

But here it is, my holy transmog, with my sword of choice ūüėõ¬†Spellfire Longsword¬†Only took 7 attempts which isn’t alot. Though i did end up with 4 or 5¬†Tracker’s Belt¬†o.O Its dropped by¬†Mennu the Betrayer¬†in regular¬†The Slave Pens

sword xmog

May 25, 2013 / Tancake

The Longest Day …..

It felt a little like the longest day. I’m not feeling 100% today, but really wanted to get this done. So with my mind made up i did it!!

longest day

I’m really happy Blizz added some new pet achievements with 5.3, along with some amazing new pets! I’m aiming to collect them all, and no doubt will. But i decided to start with¬†The Longest Day¬†.

Your mission?¬†Complete all of the pet battle daily quests listed below in a single day. ¬†Thats alot of pet battles, AND spots to be flying to ūüė¶ Me being lazy found it a little tiresome with so many spots to visit, but it wasn’t really an issue. ¬†Like i said, i’m just lazy ūüėõ

РWinterspring: Grand Master Trixxy
РMount Hyjal: Brok
РDurotar: Zunta
РNorthern Barrens: Dagra the Fierce
РUldum: Grand Master Obalis
РDesolace: Merda Stronghoof
– Theramore’s Fall:¬†Grazzle the Great
РStonetalon Mountains: Zonya the Sadist
РSouthern Barrens: Cassandra Kaboom
РThousand Needles: Kela Grimtotem
РFelwood: Zoltan
РFeralas: Traitor Gluk
РMoonglade: Elena Flutterfly
РAshenvale: Analynn

Eastern Kingdoms:
РElwynn Forest: Julia Stevens
РWestfall: Old MacDonald
РCape of Stranglethorn: Bill Buckler
РHinterlands: David Kosse
РEastern Plaguelands: Deiza Plaguehorn
РSearing Gorge: Kortas Darkhammer
РSwamp of Sorrows: Everessa
РBurning Steppes: Durin Darkhammer
РDeadwind Pass: Grand Master Lydia Accoste
РRedridge Mountains: Lindsay
РTwilight Highlands: Goz Banefury
РDuskwood: Eric Davidson
РNorthern Stranglethorn: Steven Lisbane

РHellfire Peninsula: Nicki Tinytech
– Zangarmarsh:¬†Ras’an
РShattrath: Morulu The Elder
РNagrand: Narrok
РShadowmoon Valley: Grand Master Antari

РHowling Fjord: Beegle Blastfuse
РDragonblight: Okrut Dragonwaste
РIcecrown: Grand Master Payne
РCrystalsong Forest: Nearly Headless Jacob
– Zul’drak:¬†Gutretch

Other (Cataclysm):
РDeepholm: Bordin Steadyfist

РJade Forest: Grand Master Hyuna, Whispering Pandaren Spirit
РBeasts of Fable: Book I, Book II, Book III,
РTownlong Steppes: Burning Pandaren Spirit, Grand Master Zusshi
– Krasarang Wilds:¬†Grand Master Mo’ruk
РDread Wastes: Grand Master Shu, Flowing Pandaren Spirit
РValley of the Four Winds: Grand Master Nishi
РVale of Eternal Blossoms: Thundering Pandaren Spirit, Grand Master Aki
– Kun’Lai Summit:¬†Grand Master Yon

Sadly, you do only get a battle stone for completing these (Mine still hasn’t come in the mail yet ¬†ūüė¶ )…

Marked Flawless Battle-Stone

Which when you think about it, doesnt really seem much for whats taken the best part of a day to complete. Though i did get to level some of my pets along the way, which is good! And i picked up some battle stones, MANY pet bandages, a TON of¬†Lesser Charm of Good Fortune¬†, lots of Sack of Pet Supplies¬†,¬†and a pet or two ūüėÄ So all in all, not bad ūüôā

I also got to chill with No-No again, but this time as a Blood Elf >_>

nono revisit

Oh, and off topic. We managed to finally get Heroic: Horridon .


Way, way, wayyyyyy overdue! What can i say, we’re super noobs ūüė¶

May 17, 2013 / Tancake

Well Scilla, i guess this is goodbye <3

So FINALLY, as a guild, we got off Scilla. Which i have to say, was a great server when i moved there 3 years ago. Sadly it’s declined alot, and wasn’t a very enjoyable server to play on as a result. ¬†We’re also missing a tank, and Scilla really wasnt a very attractive server to switch to if you’re considering joining a guild. We’re daytime raiders (US daytime), so finding the extra person we’d need now and then on a completely dead server was horrendous. I’m hoping a busier one helps us find some new raiders we really need. And makes the game enjoyable for us again outside raiding.

So as much as we loved you at one point, its goodbye Scilla. Thanks for the good times we had there as a guild! But new pastures are calling ……

Thrall, and we’ve switched to Horde! I get to play a Blood Elf again ^_^ This makes me happy, BE’s are cute >_> And although i did enjoy being Alliance the last 3 years, it is really nice to get back to Horde side.


First thing i noticed was people talking in /2, a very irregular¬†occurrence¬†for me this last year ish. I’ll tell you how much i’ve missed trade chat, a bad Chuck Norris joke made me laugh :O Scilla’s chat was non-existent, so its really nice to see people chatting, even if it is Chuck Norris jokes, and bad ones at that.

I managed to clear my bank and actually sell items. I think i’ve had half my items sell already, i only put up this morning. :O Another thing i’m really not used to. We’ve become accustomed to things either taking weeks to sell, or just not selling it all. It gets to the point that there really is no reason to visit the AH, ever.

Ooooh, i also get to ride a horse again! My Paladin mount¬†isn’t¬†some silly Elekk, which makes me extremely happy and want to use it ūüėÄ

All in all, things look good right now. Lets hope it stays that way. And the few guildie’s that have been hesitant about coming, well lets hope they enjoy it as much as i think i’m going to.

May 8, 2013 / Tancake

Everyone loves a Yordle! …… Dont they? >_>

Well i know i do! Especially Teemo, Kennen and Lulu.

So i’m not the best League player out there, infact i totally suck at times. TF ulti, to 5 yards behind me is never a good move :S

But i do enjoy the game. I own nearly 40 champs, so i dont have to play the same one day in day out. However, i always find myself drawn to Kennen and Teemo. Either that or i’m support Nami or Lulu.

Kennen i’m pretty decent at, Teemo i like to think i am. But top lane, against some of those bruisers, yeah, i’m not always in good shape. So my team (well 2 in particular) dont like me playing him ūüė¶ So i sometimes hop onto my US account, where i’m level 13 not 30 and play him non stop! I’m absolutely loving these ARAM games, they’re actually making me play some of my champs i’ve never tried. But i do enjoy it when Teemo comes up! Dropping mushrooms on the spot where the heals going to pop up is great ūüėÄ

I hopped onto US today after getting Sejuani on EU, and straight off i got Teemo! ūüėÄ ¬†Soooo happy, and what a good game. I dont know if i was the skilled one (i like to think so) or the opposing team were pretty bad (which is more likely), but it was a really fun game, we destroyed them ^_^

great teemo aram



May 3, 2013 / Tancake

What a great Games Master! Good guys @ Blizz!

So, my guild is moving servers/faction changing in the next week (fingers crossed! Because it rely’s on me collecting 2 more Secrets of the Empire¬†.)

I figured i’d be smart and add some funds to my Battlenet account in advance, so when it was time to move i was ready to go. It wasn’t such a smart move. I play on US servers, but live in the UK. I presumed (silly me) that as it was added to my account, it would let me use the funds for any WoW account tied to my Battlenet. Ugh no, i’d paid in pounds, and it¬†wouldn’t¬†let me spend it on US moves because it was the wrong currency.

After reading the Blizzard¬†FAQ¬†i was pretty much resigned to not getting my money back, or having it converted to USD for my US account. A couple of players on forums (after no response from a blue ūüė¶ ) suggested i wait for the live chat to open, and contact a GM that way.

My call was answered pretty fast, and i was connected to¬†Game Master Ustovar. *I’d like to say, the raid tone that played when connected ¬†scared the crap out of me! Totally unexpected! *

So he took a few minutes to read my query,and told me that he was going to refund my money. Advised me to purchase the move when it was needed, and maybe only use the Battlenet Balance, and add funds, for things like Diablo3 AH purchases.

I have to admit it¬†wasn’t¬†the response i expected, i really thought i was going to have ¬£40 sitting there and nothing to do with it.

So¬†thank you¬†Game Master Ustovar for your fast response, and helpful attitude. ‚̧

And¬†thank you¬†Blizzard for the unexpected refund ‚̧


April 27, 2013 / Tancake

Challenge Conqueror: Gold

So we finished¬†Challenge Conqueror: Gold¬†today ūüėÄ We decided as we only had 4 left, and i didnt show yesterday to do any, we’d get them all done and out the way ūüėÄ

We started with a trip to¬†Mogu’shan Palace. What a headache to say the least ūüė¶

As much as we love our tank, he can be such a pain in the ass at times, ignoring EVERYTHING that is said to him! The first few pulls in the place we decide to take easy, take them steady but efficiently. Can Arilith our tank do this?! Dont be silly. He decides hes going to pull the first 3 packs all at once, then falls over ūüė¶ He doesnt just fall over once, we reset, he does the exact same thing and falls over again >.< So this happens a couple more times before we finally take it the way we wanted to in the first place ūüėõ

Then came the trash leading up to the 2nd boss. Ugh, another massive headache! We use¬†Invisibility Potion¬†‘s on some of the trash leading up to this guy, before jumping down to kill him. This took a fair few wipes and resets to nail.

Our first run through netted us silver, with ALOT of resets along the way. Our second got us the gold ūüėÄ

mogushan gold

mogushan palace achieve


Then it was off to Temple of the Jade Serpent.

First attempt the big mobs from the first trash pull got pulled to the boss, leaving puddles all over the place, and us all falling over ūüė¶

We reset the instance, decided we’d kill the big adds second time round, before the boss. Then move onto him himself. ¬†Range could stand behind the boss, with the tank pulling adds out so puddles didnt get dropped where we were standing. It made it so i didnt have to move once until the boss himself was active.

It was a REALLY easy gold all in all, with no problems and only one reset. We finished up with just over a minute left on the timer ūüėÄ

temple of jade gold

jade serp time

Even though we’ve only been doing two a week, with us only needing 4 to finish up the achievement¬†Challenge Conqueror: Gold¬†, we decided to try and get all 4 done. So it was time to move onto our second to last,¬†Siege of Niuzao Temple: Gold. ¬†Apart from totally sucking on the first bosses trash, another easy gold. We skipped ALL the trash to the 3rd boss, pulling it all when he had dropped some bombs and the shield went up. With some CD’s on the tank, and a bubble on myself, it was easily killed.

Niuzao temple gold

A Fast¬†Vizier Jin’bak¬†kill ūüėÄ (19 seconds) ……….

vizier 19 sec

So all that was left, to finish a long over due meta was¬†Shado-Pan Monastery. I’m glad we left the easier ones until last, apart from¬†Mogu’shan Palace¬†, it wasnt a bad run at all, considering we had 4 to do.

Our dry run didnt start amazingly. On the trash leading up to Sha we didnt use CD’s and ended up dead. We learnt that mobs that are able to nova is a very bad thing without some sort of CD’s.

Then i decided to aggro some mobs with my big Draenei body, putting myself and Borntobeblue in combat ūüė¶ I have to admit i blamed him, but it was me! hehe. We both died ūüė¶ And my fail on the last boss all contributed to one awful dry run.

We did however try a bit harder 2nd time round and netted our gold, in quite a good time.

shadopan gold and meta

shadopan gold time

So what did this meta achievement reward us with?  Well apart from a very handy teleport spell to each dungeon

 Path of the Jade Serpent  Temple of the Jade Serpent: Gold
 Path of the Stout Brew  Stormstout Brewery: Gold
 Path of the Shado-Pan  Shado-Pan Monastery: Gold
¬†Path of the Mogu King ¬†Mogu’shan Palace: Gold
 Path of the Setting Sun  Gate of the Setting Sun: Gold
 Path of the Scarlet Blade  Scarlet Halls: Gold
 Path of the Scarlet Mitre  Scarlet Monastery: Gold
 Path of the Necromancer  Scholomance: Gold
 Path of the Black Ox  Siege of Niuzao Temple: Gold

we also obtained class specific transmog armor

Here’s mine (it goes all¬†sparkly¬†and pretty when i cast spells!)

challenge gold xmog


You can also buy a battle pet from your guild vendor once you have done this as a guild group, so thats another one to level ….

challenge gold pet

So thats us done! Good job to all 4 of you! ‚̧ Looks like we now need to find something else to do on a saturday >_>

group xmog